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ok thank you all for your feedback.. as for the trash lol.. oops uploaded sooc instead of the one where I took some stuff out.. is there anything specific things I can do to improve? exercises per say.. or books to read? also what is the best way to get people to let you take pictures to learn.. I think I prefer photographing people.. and yes all have been in natural lighting.. I have not read how to use flash.. other than as fill flash and even then I find I don’t like the way it looks much.. probably because I’m not doing it right.. I only have in camera flash, I haven’t invested in anything else… I did do two newborn “shoots” practices recently.. and that was challenging to me.. as for getting photos of my kids haha they aren’t into it so. alot of these have been lucky shots where they stopped for 2 seconds.. 🙂 again thanks for the feedback I appreciate it.. Still trying to learn..