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I would say that you still have a lot to learn. I really hope that people didn’t pay you for those newborn shoots.


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Why is this photo here? It’s not a good pose for her, not a flattering look. The processing is ‘okay’. She really would have benefited from a fill light from a speedlite or a reflector.  And the weird angle and composition is weird 😛


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This one is better-ish. You don’t have exif data so I’m going to assume this was with your 50mm? This would have been a decent shot if he wasn’t squinting or if you hadn’t focused on his ears.

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You can’t save an out of focus shot. This one wasn’t even close to begin with.

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Yes it has cool looking tones, but it’s uninteresting. Had the child been looking up at the camera it would have been a great image, but nope.


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Out of focus…


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More in focus, but lacks that “something”.


I like all of the ones with Kinley, though not the greatest they do show potential. The ones I didn’t mention weren’t worth talking about 😛


Take that as you will, that’s just what I see.