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Your work demonstrates good technical knowledge of your camera and editing software. They’re sharp, in focus, skin tones look mostly accurate, and they’re not by any means over-edited. Nice clean edits. A few look a bit overexposed in the highlights, but it’s something that can usually be adjusted slightly in Lightroom. However I agree on the too frequent use of tilt. I’m guilty of tilting a lot too, but if I were to compare, yours are a bit too-tilted. A lot of horizons are at harsh 45-degree angles. It’s not terrible, but I think a lot of those images could have stood no tilt or just a slight tilt, and the tilting is to the point of being distracting. I know where you’re coming from though, a lot of pros I know use the tilt for a dynamic effect, and some critique of my use of tilt has made me think twice of where I should and should not use it. I’m not going to stop tilting either, I’m just going to be more picky about when I use it, and I think your situation is similar.

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