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Hahah…I had to take a look myself after I read the comment. Very interesting setup.

And…sorry to hijack the thread…but where do you all climb?

With regards to your shots, I’ll comment on the two most recent shots:

Stars with crane in the foreground: Be careful with over editing – you can see a halo around the crane, especially around the right edge. The exposure time is just a hair too long for the shot, so there are some very, very short star trails on the larger stars. Also, given the necessity of high ISO for this type of shot, noise is prevalent…but that’s subject to the limitations of the camera body. Post process with a couple different noise reduction programs should help on that end.

Sunset with silhouette beach foreground: The drama in the skies is great – good job keeping the composition of the foreground to the lower third to give more attention to the skies. Make sure the horizon is perfectly level, but I think for this case the curve is indicative of barrel distortion – this is easily corrected in post. Solid capture of a sunset…and that’s it. It’s just a sunset. There’s really not much else. While that may be the intent, the shot would really benefit from a stronger foreground that leads to the subject…along with a more de-centered subject.