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I’m not a landscape photographer by any means — throw the most beautiful scene in the world in front of me, and I guarantee I can make it look lame.


I am, however, a portrait photographer, so I’ll comment where it makes sense.



Her teeth look like they are glowing. What happened there? Maybe I am mistaken? ┬áIt looks like you tried to retouch her teeth without knowing exactly how and just made them brighter, instead of the yellow going away. I could be wrong and that’s how they look, though.


http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7336/10332202475_49292bc004_o.jpg could be okay, but she doesn’t look very happy, but that’s fine if you’re going for that kind of mood. She has no catchlights, which don’t help the picture. The shot is quite grainy, but doesn’t bother me too much. Was this shot with a wider angle lens? She looks slightly distorted, but I could be tricking myself into seeing something that isn’t there. It’s not a terrible shot, but it’s definitely not one that belongs with your ‘best’


Yikes, what happened with her clothes? That hurts my eyes. If that’s how it came out of the camera, I would tone it down a bit. It’s distracting from the point of the picture — her, assuming it’s a portrait. If it’s a fashion shot, there are better ways to display that jacket. Again, no catchlight. Not an awful shot, but again, kind of “meh” and I wouldn’t put it with your best.