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On monitors. You need to calibrate, at least visually till you can afford/rent either a spyder or a colormunki. These are important and will help your underexposing, I had the same issue. In my head a bright monitor was good, brighter the better. I’ve since learned through a couple classes, is that’s not true. It ends up being misleading, as you’ve noticed. Try a visual/manual calibration. Windows 7 has one, and I know macs do as well, but I’m not as familiar.


Colormunki and spyder whats it ( i have colormunki lol) are pretty pricey, but if you make nice with some other photographers sometimes you can find a nice one to let  you borrow it. Calibrations need maintenance every month or so, but it helps. Also I *THINK* borrowlenses.com offers them on a lending bases, but I may be making that up 😀