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Looking today, I see fewer than I remember of the low contrast photos.  I picked one of the cowboy to edit.  Please see original and edited.

Editing was done in Photoshop Elements 7 which I still keep on my computer because I like the batch resize feature. Elements is a lower cost program than Photoshop CS6 which is the heavy duty editing package. Elements can do a lot but the full Photoshop has more power if you have access.  His hands look a bit burned out and I tried to get them back with the burn tool, which works reasonably well with CS5 in 16 bit mode but does not work as well in Elements as it gives a blackened look.  I’m not happy with the hands but I did not spend much time editing.  I used his T shirt as a colour reference, adjusted levels, adjusted highlights and applied some sharpening.

What do you think of the changes?