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I’ve tried actions before.  I have a free copy of PSE that was given to me, so I went and downloaded some popular ones out of curiosity.  I played with them for  a few days.  I came to the same conclusion.  Way too much work to use another person’s action or preset.  They didn’t shoot where I shot, the subject and light were different, they completely shoot differently than the way I do, And are they using the same camera?  Way too many variables for anyone to say “hey! use this action!”.  I was able to make an image look exactly the way I wanted controlling the editing myself with or without using my own presets (Im an Aperture user)  in a matter of minutes, while fixing (more accurate word than using) premade actions took hours trying to get the look I wanted.  It was laughable.  If I can’t make one of my images work for me because I failed something in camera, with in 10 minutes, it gets trashed and I move on.  Besides, I don’t want my images to look like so and so’s or so and so’s, their mine.  And I don’t want to be dependent on any certain software or add on to be able to create, or fall into any fads or bad habits that Id have to struggle to get out of.  But that’s just me.  I don’t expect everyone to work the way I do.  Literally thousands upon thousands of togs, fauxs, and DIY alike chose to use premade actions.  When the masses are doing something, it doesn’t make it wrong, actions are just wrong for me and my photography.