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Thanks again.  I am going to keep looking online for as much info as I can get.  Currently I’m taking an online course and so far, I see I have a lot of weaknesses and just have to keep plugging along, slowly, but surely learning as I go.

I did purchase a reflector.  I need to get the hang of it, not be afraid to use it and really just slow down some more and think things through.  That would be beneficial, I’m sure.

, I didn’t realize I could even adjust actions when I first opened them, I’ve realized now that I can pick and choose parts of it that will work.  Typically, I strive for clean color, but again, just trying out actions and other options to see if I like them.  I know they won’t stand the test of time so I’m trying to focus more on learning how to get them to just look “real”.

I just want to say one more thing here – I was really scared that I was just going to be attacked when I posted my pictures (cause I know I need lots of work/practice/learning to do).  But, I have been clear about my ability/goals and I’m open to constructive criticism.  Amazing that people can actually learn from others if they would just check their ego at the door and have some humility. I see so many catty fights on this site.  Thanks again!