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Woops, I had typed that response on my phone and it changed “At last” to “alas.” Changed the meaning a bit I suppose! They DO work more seamlessly on my full-frame than the crop sensor for the reasons you’ve stated. They just seem like they’re made for it, and yes putting a heavy lens on a Rebel is a little awkward. I have a Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 OS (optical stabilization) and while I used to use it on my Rebel and sometimes 40D, and was a huge improvement over the kit lenses, it offers more consistent sharpness when on my 5DII. Part of that I know is that crop factor. To get the same DOF compression I had to stand further away and zoom in more, which creates a little room for camera shake (when I didn’t like to bump my IOS up very high on the Rebel especially since it would get really noisy) and lowers the image file size, than when you’re standing closer to the subject. It is actually quite a nice portrait lens when used on a full-frame body.

Weird that you have had and heard good experiences with the 55-250. I have gotten some really good shots with it, but more often than not it disappointed me. It definitely could have been damaged or the factory could have been inconsistent with quality control on the cheap lens. Every camera and every lens seems to have it’s own quirks and sweet spots. And you could be very right about the UV filters. For awhile though I tried taking them off and didn’t really notice an improvement. I looked up the particular filters online and they were the $40 range ones. One thing I’ve noticed with the filters is that you can take photos of water when there is bright sunlight, and instead of producing a big glare on the surface, it allows you to see through the water. I have some shots from this summer of the Wisconsin River I shot using that lens and the filter. I those on my Flickr page right now, I think they were just some fun shots like of an old computer monitor someone discarded in the river so they didn’t make my cut, lol.

Speaking of these lenses, here’s the experiment I did last summer before I purchased the Sigma lens. This was shot with my 40D. Right-click and view original size. http://www.flickr.com/photos/roxanne_elise_photography/7932496332/in/photostream