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While write speed normally has not been an issue, there have been a few times when shooting a few action things and some instances during a wedding when  fast writing is important.  More no than yes of course, but for instance, when the bride is walking down the aisle I would set it on al servo focusing and shoot several in succession. Some of these moments happen very quickly. For me, it requires zooming out as they are walking closer and moving myself backwards. Even when not on continuous shooting, after taking a few successive shots, the saving gets bogged up and required me to pause for several seconds (at least on the SD cards I’ve used) Note- I did not shoot with a Rebel for the recent weddings I did, that was a 5D II. The first wedding I did with my Rebel. I did some photos for a trick basketballer and he just did his thing while I shot- both with the Rebel and the 40D (a different lens on each to get variety). It was aggravating waiting for the Rebel to write data. I’m sure there are faster SD cards available though I have not tried them. Also, be sure when you do buy SD cards, buy the kind that are meant use in a DSLR. The plain jane kind are meant for a point-and-shoot and would be slower by nature.