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Higher education is overrated. Obviously, for certain jobs it is indispensable but for so many jobs I fail to see the point. Photography is one of them.

As for having attended one of the better universities in the world for medicine it looks very good on my CV but most of my memories of that place are pretty awful. Much of what we were taught does not reflect the reality of being a doctor in 2013 but rather some kind of fairy tale. This is worrying me as what I did is essentially a vocational qualification, you are geared to do one thing and one thing only. What will happen with all these people who study some kind of doss subject like geography? My girlfriend is now trying to find a job but in the UK there is this job segregation that lots of things will require a university degree, any university degree and it doesn’t matter if it is completely unrelated or not.

Honestly, sometimes I just wish I’d gone down the road of photography instead but at least this way I get to make occasional images that give me things in return (monies or stuff I want) and won’t ruin photography for me. Sometimes I just get to make a friend happy, in July I uncle bobbed a wedding and despite not giving her the album until about six weeks later I was still ahead of the hired tog in giving photos. Since this was the first time she really got to see that day in print she was ecstatic. If I’d known they still hadn’t had their album I would have waited but at least I didn’t ruin the tog’s day on the wedding by being annoying.

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