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Schools and restaurants are alike in some ways.  At their most basic they are buildings that keep the weather out.  It’s the inhabitants that provide function and atmosphere.  Just as a great cook provides a wonderful experience to diners and a poor cook may result in diners never returning, there are wonderful inspiring teachers who communicate their knowledge and enthusiasm, and sadly, there are teachers who are just there for the pay cheque.  Also, just as there are diners with no sense of taste who are just eating for nourishment, and others that truly enjoy the experience and participate fully, there are students who are present for their own various reasons and with their own varying levels of motivation and aptitude.

Over the years I have watched way too much TV, much of it American programming.  Harvard and Yale are the big names with acknowledged rivalry that appears in several shows.  I couldn’t point to any person and say with certainty “Oh, he went to ___________!”  The real questions are “What has he done for me, lately?” and “What is he going to do for me in the future?”  The only people who have ever taken any interest in where I went to school were HR folks.  The customers are all about “Can you design/build/fix it?”, and after you have done something well for them once, they come looking for you the next time.  If you have the knowledge and ability, that’s what counts.  How you got your skills is mostly irrelevant.  Of course, the exception to that is if you are a social climber.