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I agree – I love the photo of the blonde lying on the floor – but again, poor lighting, it’s too yellow. I know.  I just don’t know how to fix it.

If you have Photoshop Elements, fixing white balance is easy.  You can do the same thing with Adobe Camera Raw versions that come with Photoshop and Lightroom.  All three have an eyedropper for fixing white balance.  You click the end of the dropper on an area that is supposed to be white, grey or black.  The software makes the adjustment to the whole photo.  If you click on a place that is not actually supposed to be neutral, then the colour of everything will change to something awful, just pick a different place and click again.  JPEG files contain very little data and are unforgiving, raw files contain the sensor data and are much more forgiving.  If your colour setting is very far off when you take a JPEG, you will not be able to get the whole photo to look right by adjusting colour cast.  Another benefit to shooting to raw files is that you can reduce highlights and boost shadows since the file contains enough data to do that successfully, most of the time.  If you have the full Photoshop, you should do most of your editing in 16 bit mode, it is one of the benefits of the full package.

Getting the image as right as possible in the camera is excellent advice.  It will save you time when editing and there are some things like focus that you really cannot fix later with an editor.


And, please tell me – what’s wrong with the auto-start music?  Please, I’m seriously trying to understand that one.

I already answered this question in the other thread, and have not compared time stamps, so I will take a minute to put a response here too.  If I am all by myself at home, opening the page and getting music mostly disturbs my cat.  If I am at an office with an open plan, and my speakers are turned up, a page with music will blare and disturb many people.  Because of this, in the web design community, auto start music is considered bad design.  If you want to provide music, good design is to provide easy to find, easy to use, controls to start and adjust music.


– What can I do about learning lighting?

Since you are using Nikon, you might like to get a book or two by Joe McNally.  He shoots for National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and others.  He shoots Nikon and has a couple of books that deal with small flash.  They are worth reading for many reasons beyond flash as well.  You can also catch some of his stuff on YouTube and The Grid — Scott Kelby’s weekly on-line show.  If you want to know more about Photoshop, Elements or Lightroom, I recommend Scott Kelby’s books.  Scott also has a set of 4 very good cookbooks for shooting and lighting as well.

– Do I really have something, or are you guys being nice?  Is it really worth someone’s time (not mine, but a client) for me to focus on it – for their sake??

Are we being nice?  Yes.  We are taking the time to look at your work and respond.  The real question is:  Are we being honest?  Again, I think the answer is yes.  Is it worth someone’s time for you to focus on improving?  Yes.  Even if you just want to record family history, it is worth taking the time and putting in the effort, if you enjoy photography.  If you want to charge for your work, why would you offer anything except the best product you possibly can?

Breakfast was just announced and it is some distance from here, through a snowstorm, so I have to stop this and get organized….