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I thought the galleries looked cluttered, and not at all inviting. If I wasn’t looking at the site specifically to view your work for this forum, I would’ve left because it doesn’t have the clean, organized look I’d expect from a professional service.

I thought some of your composition was good, but couldn’t help notice many of the shots seemed to suffer from exposure problems. I don’t mind highlights being blown on occasion – I think we can all appreciate that – but it shouldn’t be the norm. Let me see some technically sound work before you throw so many shots at me where the rules are broken.  Too many times I saw dark colors being clipped, and highlights being blown. I think you’d benefit from taking more time to meter.

I like the creativity in your composition, but it still needs to be stronger (keep working, you’ll get it). It doesn’t look like you have a good grasp on metering yet. I think its important to have this down pat before you get too artsy with exposure. My critique would be spend more time getting it right in-camera and less time editing.