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My Heart

Thank you, BrownEyed!! I truly appreciate you taking the time to offer your take on my site.  I’m sincerely sorry if I offended you in another post, but I did feel that once the forum was actually noticing me – it seemed to me – which is totally arbitrary – that you were intent on making your point, thus derailing the convo, thus frustrating me.  I didn’t mean for it to sound mean.  Just very frustrated on my end, and felt that if you were offended / angry – that you shouldn’t sit through others being rude – there’s way too many other nice things.  So, I definitely apologize and appreciate you taking the time to look at my site.  I agree w/ all; it just doesn’t work.  It’s flash – but I’ve had flash before and never had a problem.  Still, I agree that if I have to keep explaining how to use it, it’s not worth it.  Trash and start over.  Thanks about the song, btw.  I love the song, and the friend who wrote / sings it.  My lighting is always off.  My “material” is mainly a Nikon D90, with a Nikon D40 for backup.  I hardly ever use the D40 – although my hubby will second shoot for me if I need it, and he uses that – for like, balcony shots, etc.  For the most part, I use the kit lens (18-105mm).  I do have a Nikon 70-300mm.  And of course, I have some other little things – like a wide angle, fish eye, colored filters, etc… for the base D40 lens.  As for flash, I did use a Nikon SB 900, but I actually sold it before we moved to Chicago.  I tried to get rid of a lot of my equipment, thinking I was done with it.  The flash was the only thing I ended up selling, though.  I also have a “kit” of studio lights.  They’re the kind you get at a Wolf Camera or something, with 3 lights and stands, 2 umbrellas, for about $200.  The only good thing I’ve learned about them is to keep a big fan handy b/c they get hot, and you can just tell your clients that you’re using the fan as a prop – to blow their hair, kind of thing.  A lot of my equipment (or lack thereof) has to do with finances.  I was working full time as a Marketing Director, making about $55k – with hubby being the sole provider, so my income was just for me to play with.  I spent it all on the start up of my photography.  Then, the job turned out to be a bad thing  – so I quit, then tried to rely on photography for the “fun” money.  Now, we’ve moved – and even though hubby is the sole provider, I want my own money.  And, to be blunt – I want a baby.  I can’t have children, so I’m getting a job making enough to do IVF in about 3 months (insurance doesn’t cover it).  So, I’ll be working full time starting next week and with photography as my love.  Hence, the My <3.

Yes, you’re right.  I think I’m just not ready for Prime Time, lol.  I’ve tried sooo dead-gum hard.  But I need to slow my pace, all things come in time.  What am I doing???  That’s the real question, and thanks for pointing it out.  I like my style, and it does change w/ the people I work with.  At this point, I think it’s fair to say that I need to learn some more about lighting and technique.  I’ve tried so hard to correct it with editing, but again – I should be able to take a pic well before I say I’m a photog and start editing. I think it’s also fair to say I could be really good at this, with some more work and experience.  That being said…..

Questions for all:

– What can I do about learning lighting?

– Do I really have something, or are you guys being nice?  Is it really worth someone’s time (not mine, but a client) for me to focus on it – for their sake??

– Money – spend on more equipment?  I’d like to start with a small studio.  I really think I have what it takes to do sessions and personal, one on one shoots.  Huge weddings, not so much.  I’d like to focus on engagement, bridal, maternity, families. And, of course, my newborn – when she gets here. 🙂

– Anyone have any other advice, or am I just a novice that will never “get” it?


Thanks to all – and thank you, BrownEyed, for taking the time and effort -especially after I was frustrated and took my rude attitude out on you.  That really does show your true character; thanks.  🙂


Any more advice????  I can always use more, as well as info about learning how to fix my technique, lighting and all my issues?!  🙂