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My Heart

Thank you, OctoberMoon – for at least attempting to look at the site.  If you don’t mind – please read the instructions on how to view my site on my “Services” section, which provides a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to view the collage style galleries.  That is there for those who don’t understand how to instinctively work the little “x” on the top right-hand corner of each image, so you can close that picture and return to the gallery.  Then, again – you can click on another image, view it as it enlarges, then – again, close it by clicking on the “x” on the top right-hand corner of the image – once again returning you to the gallery.  I’m definitely not patronizing you; I understand the “style” of how to make the gallery “work” is a little different than others.  I appreciate the feedback, and would appreciate more.  In a nutshell, the site is a reflection of me and my style, which I think everything you do should be a truthful and accurate representation of oneself. I’m not the OCD type – I love how the galleries are thrown together, and every time you click on a new gallery, they are never the same.  Sort of like a labyrinth, or more accurately: The Labyrinth.  If you don’t know what movie I’m referencing, you would do a disservice to yourself if you don’t watch it – David Bowie is amazing in it.  Back to the subject:  The pictures aren’t cut off.  They are simply a huge collage gallery, and again – the pictures keep changing where they are / what size they are.  And you become a part of the ever-changing galleries, by clicking on an image to enlarge it, by closing it with the right hand corner visible “x”, by viewing another image, by viewing another gallery, etc.  It is quite eclectic; may come off as sloppy or half-assed to others, which is ok.  I want to know the harshest truth possible; otherwise – how can I correct and grow / learn and move forward?  So, OctoberMoon, and others – please, PLEASE take a look at my site (or another look, if you were confused at first how to “work” it).  I beg of you – I want advice.  Do you see anything that stands out?  Do you see any progression?  For ex: do you look at one and see a very novice shooter, then look at another image and think a much more advanced shooter took it – like, 2 different photogs on one site??  I want to know every single piece of advice possible.  You’re all very quick to judge and point out mistakes in others – and some hate that.  But I don’t – I want you all to come at me with full force, please.  PLEASE.  Thank you.  Seriously, THANK YOU!! 🙂