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Hi My Heart…I am in the same boat as you, trying to learn and get better at photography, and with that said, I feel I don’t have the experience to fully critique your work.

However, I do want to critique your website, since I have the experience in that area =) I’ve been proficient with HTML since 1997 when I self-taught myself HTML in high school. Professionally, I’ve been a web designer for 7 years and internet marketer for 6 years, including 2 1/2 years as an E-Commerce Manager.

Obviously, you are trying to sell your services through your website. When creating a website, the number one rule is to make it user-friendly enough so that people will stay on your website longer enough to see your “product” (your photography). Keep it simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate.

As for the auto-start music, I understand it has sentimental meaning, but it’s a big no-no from a marketing standpoint. It is forcing people to turn down their sound, especially if they are viewing your website from their office. It will interfere with people who are already listening to music, especially with Pandora or Spotify running in the background. If you really want to share the music and it’s meaning, maybe you should put it on your “About” section. Or you can highlight it somewhere on the front page and give the user the option to turn it on.

I agree with BrownEyedGirl that maybe you should look into WordPress. My photography portfolio website, http://www.photosbyanjanette.com, is made with WordPress. The bad thing about Wix is that it’s all Flash-based, which is a dying trend especially with smartphones. iPhones are not capable of viewing Flash sites, and that is at least 50% of the market. The great thing about WordPress (especially with my site), is that you can view it on smartphones and tablets easily. Some WordPress themes has the ability to automatically format correctly if you’re viewing from your phone or on your computer (it’s called Responsive Design). Another reason why Flash sites are dying because they are not friendly for search engines. If people already know the name of your business, it’s easy to find on Google, but if people are searching for generic keywords like “photographer in Las Vegas” or “Las Vegas wedding photography”, a search-engine friendly site will pick up these keywords and have a higher chance to appear on the first 10 of the search page.

As for your photography, my critiques mostly echos everyone’s posts before mine, but again, I’m starting out and I don’t have the same level of confidence to critique your photography the same way I can critique your website.

On a final note, it seems like you really love your website, so I would just keep it for your own personal use or to share with friends and family. But if really want to advertise your photography, I would make a separate website solely on that.

And by the way, sorry for my shameless promotion, but I am also a freelance web and graphic designer, so if you need help at a low price, let me know!