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Yes, I was pretty bummed I still managed to cut her toe off a bit 🙂

Thanks for that, Cameraclicker-I do like that better. I feel as though there are already enough angles behind her so having her on an angle was overkill. I agree she’s a bit washed out-I’m still learning about the editing process.  Does the boardwalk seems a little too cool, also?

I did get the vibe over the photographers photo that she was trying out the “creative perspective” point because instead of making the subject pop (she tends to oversparkle eyes sometimes, imho) it made the subject harder to see because it was confusing. But again, I’m no pro so I didn’t know if it was my lack of knowledge or the picture.

So now I will have a better idea for if/when the tilt is okay to use when I’m out and about dabbling in movement. I mainly use my photos as references for future paintings so the criteria is different-meaning doesn’t have to be a perfect overall photo, lol but a decent one helps.