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it’s just a sign of people who either don’t know what they are doing or who are trying to be creative but lack that ability…or both. I took those kinds of pictures in college. That is really what the tilt is for…college. So the “those that can’t do, teach” professor can say something like “interesting angle”.

For someone who has a difficult time keeping things straight and is always trying to fix the perspective and distortion of his lenses to make things straight, I find people who do this absolutely annoying. I don’t understand if you are using photography to emphasize a subject, why you’d want to make it confusing with wonky angles. Don’t make no sense!

That said, there are times when it works. It is those times when it only draws more attention to the subject. And that tilt is not going to be noticeable to the viewer. Those things which are most important will be the focal point.