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Now see, those are more strategic and when I think of them in a frame (on a wall or desk) the only one that made me wonder was the XO family shot.  In those examples the tilt isn’t extreme and yes, to straighten out the eyes or add an angle to another element in the shot I see it can work under the right circumstances.

It’s seems to be something that needs to be practiced with outside of professional work, though.  I was trying to find a relevant example of the photo I saw and this is all I could come up with, lol only with closely cropped baby…who was also crooked. http://laughingsquid.com/tilt-photo-series-of-people-leaning-in-a-tilted-new-york-city/ Whether it’s framed horizontally or vertically you would have to really tip your head to see the subject. The baby was cute enough to not need a bunch of creative help 🙂