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How can I get more detail when shooting things that are in the distance?

It’s all physics.

The longer your focal length, the more noticeable movement is, either subject movement or camera movement, particularly camera movement.  Higher shutter speeds, image stabilization, and some means of mechanically stabilizing the camera, like a tripod, all help.

Never use digital zoom, only use optical zoom.  Digital zoom reduces the photosites used for obtaining the image, which adds noise.

Expose correctly.  If you under expose you get more saturation but shadows clip.  If you over expose the image washes out and highlights clip.

A bigger, better sensor and higher quality lenses.  I didn’t look it up for the A1400.  I suspect the sensor size is similar to other point & shoot cameras.  You might be able to fit 4 of those sensors on top of a single APS-C chip in a dSLR.  I could be mistaken about this too, but I think you could probably place two APS-C sensors on top of a single full frame sensor.  As sensors increase in size without a significant increase in pixel count, the photosites get bigger and that lets them deliver a better signal to noise ratio.  If you take test photos with a number of cameras, you can see the quality improve as you move from the small sensor P&S cameras to the larger sensor ones like the G16 has, then on to APS-C sensors and then full frame.  Older APS-C bodies like the 30D or 40D still produce better photos than a new P&S.