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I like the seagull


I also like View out a Window, though it could use a little work


EXIF suggests the window is with your old camera.

I think most of the new ones have too much contrast, or are a little too dark, and over saturated.  Your dandelion has a blue ring around it.  Fur can be difficult and your cat has no detail in large areas of fur.  Colours seem off.

Like Nesgran, I think you would be better off with a 30D, 40D, or similar Nikon model, D200 perhaps.  Another option would be the mirrorless cameras which tend to be smaller.  The Powershot A1400 is made to live in someone’s purse or pocket so they can snap a quick photo while out and about.  It has a very small sensor so it will have some difficulty with dim lighting and there is no hot shoe so you can’t sync to external flash.