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it’s more courteous to reaffirm someone they are doing at least something right, or give helpful suggestions on how to do it right if they are not. Not “Go away you suck.”

To the best of my knowledge I have not said anything remotely like this to anyone upon initial review of their work but only when they’ve irritated me with excuses or attacks on myself rather than looking at their own work.

The threads follow a pretty consistent pattern:

-Poster asks for critique
-I bring up valid points in a sometimes harsh manner.
-I’m called mean, rude, arrogant, etc and/or OP makes excuses for his or her shortcomings and then I do say something rude.
-The conversation devolves even further and becomes more about me being an asshole than about the original post.
-conversation dies

my point is, that I do not start out with personal attacks. I do not call someone an idiot until they prove themselves to be one. Coming in here asking for critique and then getting defensive about it, whether I am rude or not, is idiotic.

Would you do that in a job? Maybe you’re your own boss and you call all the shots, but do you think employees or clients would respect anything you say if you spoke to them that way?

You don’t work for me and I don’t work for you. Those situations are completely different from the one here so your point is moot. I understand the point about treating people like you want to be treated. I don’t take issue with people who think they are the worlds greatest photographer. I take issue with people who think they are better than they are. People who let their pride and ego get in the way of their ability to grow and learn.