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The reason people are judging you to have poor character is because you continually use phrases like “STFU,” “Go away,” and like to use profanities directed at posters here. A harsh critique is fine, but name-calling and petty crap is childish.

You come here and call everyone mediocre photographers will all the same poses as everyone else, yet won’t let us see your work. That’s fine if you don’t want to, and you might have your reasons, but don’t go telling others their work isn’t that great when we don’t really have anything to judge it against or see what you’re judging it against.

A critique usually has some bad points countered with good points. You might see a really grainy photo with bad exposure, and say that, but maybe the pose or composition were pleasing. You don’t need to just say “This photo is crap, the exposure is way off and you don’t know what you’re doing.” In the real world (yes, I used your term) like in photography/art school and in  the business world it’s more courteous to reaffirm someone they are doing at least something right, or give helpful suggestions on how to do it right if they are not. Not “Go away you suck.” Would you do that in a job? Maybe you’re your own boss and you call all the shots, but do you think employees or clients would respect anything you say if you spoke to them that way? No one here is professing to be the world’s greatest photographer. Many of us know we’re quite good, but i doesn’t mean we can’t still improve.