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I expected no less even after I thought you might be different from responding to another thread you recently started. I’m of the opinion, as I’m sure there are others who feel the same way, that aspiring photographers are not going to improve if the ebis of the world continually tell them their work is a fucking piece of shit. They won’t listen to that and they’ll continue as they have all along with no chance of improving. There is nothing wrong with an approach like “Your photo lacks this and this and that, but here are ways you can improve it…” said with some tact even if you’re looking at the worst photo you’ve ever seen. Friends and family will always like their stuff, but it’s the rest of the world that matters if they have any chance of succeeding. I’m no psychologist, but positive reinforcement goes a lot further than negative and harsh criticism can be dealt once the photographer has more expectations placed on them from potential clients.

As for having no interest in showing your portfolio, I won’t pursue the issue, but I have to wonder, what are you afraid of? I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Put up or shut up.”

Enough said. Say what you will, but I consider the debate closed.