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ebi, the main issue I have with your posts/responses are the way you say things. You can give a thorough critique, even a harsh one, without the nastiness. Things are more productive that way. Snide remarks like “we call it flare in the real world” imply that I, for calling it haze and low-contrast, am not living in the real world. Flare in fact is the light pattern that occurs when light is reflected off of the glass in the lens, creating that rainbow-ish thing. That’s lens flare. The effect the backlit sun can have on an image is causing it to be low-contrast and have a haze over it. Capiche? Maybe in different photography schools/forums/etc. it’s called different things- but the term still stands correct. Like prime vs. fixed lenses. Same thing, different term.

All I’m saying is to play fair, at least use common courtesy. You’re extremely pompous across all these forums. It clouds your advice from really being sound. This photographer is trying to learn when using a technique and setting she maybe wasn’t used to using- she did say she was in school. By the way, her Flickr page has some excellent work. She’s not a fauxtographer.