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In the first set, the photos mostly do flow together well. The backlighting is challenging, with it producing the hazy, flat skin tones. One way to improve that is to increase contrast in Photoshop, or adjust your curves in PS. The second image has a few harsh sun spots. It’s best to realize that when shooting, and either move to an area with good shade or have an assistant block the light with a blanket. The image where they are sitting on the blanket is a cute pose, but really lacking in contrast, again due to the lighting situation. However I do not think ebi’s edit was better at all. Yours has much better white balance, but it’s flat. Curves could help this too. I do agree though that the setting seems out of place. If it were an indoor studio shot, that video theme would fit better.

The wedding set definitely has a vintage haze feel to it, not necessarily bad, but I think it’s better to do clean edits and offer additional edits with more stylistic or trendy stuff like vintage hazes.

Ebi, you are consistently rude and pompous. Seriously.