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@ Sassy:  Actually I said I had changed my mind about watermarks on pages that strip EXIF.  I still don’t think they are much of a deterrent against theft because I can remove most watermarks in a few minutes.  If you want protection, Digimark sells watermarks that are invisible but can be detected by software even if the image is photocopied or put on a T shirt.  I feel the watermark should be large enough to read but small enough and carefully placed to be unobtrusive.  I think I arrived at this epiphany while reading through e-books published by a guy in California.  He says he is a photographer and is publishing a series of e-books directed at the point & shoot crowd.  One of the photos in his book had text referring to a castle and colourful flag.  It was the Canadian flag and the “castle” was the Canadian Parliament building in Ottawa!  The photo turned out to be from a royalty free stock site, as did many other photos.  Best of all, a photo I really liked of a wedding party contained a watermark in the lower right corner.  His books all contain a page that goes on about his copyright, not reproducing it, not even giving it away or sharing it!  I traced the wedding party photo back to the original photographer who had not given anyone permission to use it and was not aware it was in the book.  I’m also a fan of the image search tools.

I looked through your Facebook page.  I’m not a huge fan of baby photos.  Some I liked, some I felt neutral about, “The cutest garden gnome you will ever see” ( https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=453332791412432&set=a.451879238224454.1073741825.272109452868101&type=1&theater ) caught my eye because every time I see the thumbnail I am drawn to the right cheek and mouth which looks like the photo splintered.  I hope the photo doesn’t do the little one justice.