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see why couldn’t you tell the OP that? thank you for critiquing my critique (that sounded wierd) that is a much better critique then what i felt you gave her, thank you for pulling me up on the terminology i used, rereading my critique i see those errors, sorry late response after many hours of editing and my brain was quite mushy. It would have been nice for you to do that before saying

Ohh and that shot is nice if you factor in stuff other then what i said, focus seems ok, connection is nice i felt. i dont know.


why didnt you go a bit more in depth with the OP? I just think that using capitals to get your point across about white vignette was a bit too extreme, not arguing or anything here just trying to point out that you are quite capable of giving a nice informative critique. The OP was really nice and pleasant in asking for CC so i was trying to do the same, i am a member of a few forums where we tear shreds through each others work when its CC and i can do that but i choose not to. i can also handle CC myself. would you like me to pop some images up and you can go crazy? i take all CC on board and i take it very very seriously.


I put a watermark on my images on FB, was it not you who suggested social media which doesnt have EXIF data you should use a watermark. i try to not have it to be too big, and i use it to direct people to my website (which isn’t up atm btw). Also my recent shots on line are paid ones, these shots were put up before they had selected the images from the gallery. My watermark i was hoping would deter them from just taking them off there and blowing them up, i have heard of this happening.

18months ago i was shooting in auto, no focus, no wb, no idea about lighting ect ect. it is the focusing on the technicalities which has got me out of that horrid place. i think knowing the technical side back to front before pushing the boundaries is very important. Also i’m unsure if you have done any newborn portraiture but its damn hard to pose them in many different ways which haven’t been done before.


starting to go round in circles! sorry for all this.