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@millhouse – i’m perfectly chill. I’m not yelling but your comments are annoying. You may take my response as aggressive, but I promise you, I don’t take anything personally. Shouting and swearing about improper vignettes are not abuse to anything other than improper vignettes, but they deserve to be abused, mocked and yelled at. They are stupid. So are the ppl who use them. No one said the critiques had to be constructive. Although I felt mine was quite constructive. Nastiness wasn’t a factor until you opened your trap.

– here is my critique of your critique

The first four are a nice series, they all need to be edited exactly the same so they fit together. 2 are more hazy then the others. the processing fits and my style is warm and bright so i like them.

No they aren’t. A series should have significant differences between each shot that work together well or have elements that tie one to the next. These aren’t a series, they are the same image with tiny variations save for the projector shot that doesn’t work. They go together well b/c they look exactly the same. But half way through the first one and I’m bored.

Image one is good posing but composure is a little boring,

The word is composition. And if your idea of good composition is two people standing in the center of a tight frame with tall grass behind them then yes this is good composition. But it’s not so let’s move on.

You have used fill flash which was a good idea. but they seem a little shiny from it. There is haze on their face so im not sure if focus is crisp on their eyes or on her nail poilish.

No it was not a good idea at all. If it was, then their skin wouldn’t be shiny. Maybe suggest a better way to shoot this than putting a flash on camera. The fill light flattens the image and then to make matters worse she add this weird effect that creates haze not only on the face but over the entire image and then repeats that for the rest of the images.

Image 2 is nicely composed, they are shiny from the fiill flash and that bothers me, they lovely and connected and well posed. i am unsure if the focus is on their eyes again or the nailpolish.

I can’t tell if dudes eyes are open or closed. bad posing. They are shiny but this one doesn’t have the haze that the other ones have. focus seems fine.

Image 4 This is really nice, focus seems good again well exposed. I would have shot it in landscape and taken a few steps back and have them on the side if that makes sense.

Focus seems good b/c it’s overly sharpened. it was the first thing and really only thing i noticed about this shot. It should have been the first thing you noticed as well. nothing more needs to be said about it b/c it sucks just b/c it’s overly sharpened, hazy and bad.

All those 4 images you need to have the subject further away from the foliage and use a shallower DOF.

Why? Not every image has to have shallow DOF. This doesn’t necessarily look bad with it’s current depth of field, it looks bad for sooo many other reasons.

First wedding detail shot of the dress is nice and well composed.

No it’s not. It looks soft and it also looks like she knew it was soft and tried to sharpen it and messed it up. Then she threw a shitty vignette on the image and made it even worse.

Wedding couple 1, its a nice shot, well exposed, nice connection. odd place to take a photo though. i would have taken them some place else personally. not sure of him crouching down like that when there is a seat right behind them. overall back ground a bit to busy.

hmmmm…you say it’s nice then but then you go ahead and tear it apart. Is it really nice or do you just feel that you need to say it’s nice so that you feel you are being nice. I read what you say and I think that you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

But what you didn’t say was that there isn’t really a nice set of complete images here and there is really nothing showing that she’s a good or even remotely competent photographer. But I guess that is mean to say.
Rather than trying to focus on what is good in the photograph, focus more on what is bad. Let her granny tell her how wonderful her photography is.

That’s cool that you don’t care what I think. Judging by your use of a watermark you obviously think very highly of your own work. I don’t find that you are a fauxtographer at all. But if I can offer any advice it’s not to get caught up on the technical stuff. Your focus should be on taking beautiful and original photographs.