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You are attempting this look where you pull the shadows in. The problem is you do it too much and your images look horribly flat. The worst offender is this one, which I’ve made better, although not perfect b/c you’ve pulled too much color out of the image and I cannot bring it back without it looking weird.


The bigger problem is the concept, which really doesn’t make sense. Why would these two be watching films in broad daylight in a cornfield?

The greatest thing you could do avoid wasting time is to think before you act. The idea isn’t necessarily bad, but the execution isn’t well thought out.

You also oversharpen, don’t have control of the light and seem to have a profound lack of knowledge of photoshop. Also, get rid of the horrendous watermark. No one wants to steal your photos. Amateurs all over the world, listen to me now: STOP PUTTING FUCKING WHITE VIGNETTES ON YOUR PHOTOS. LEARN WHY PHOTOS VIGNETTE IN THE FIRST PLACE!