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@ebi that fine that you think my photos are mundane and of babies. I am learning and I am happy to take on any CC you wish to give me. I feel that my shots are at a professional level so i am charging, honestly i would prefer not to. I would happily do it for free but i’m fueling my addiction to photography the best way i know how. I focus on babies because i want to become a heartfelt volunteer and I like babies. I dont need to be completely original, there is no law in photography which means you should be completely original. I would like my photos to be as technically correct as possible and it is a fear of mine to be considered a fauxtographer.


I would like to point out that i never once said the haze look was a new thing, of course its been around for ages. i did say that currently it was in fashion and just because something is in fashion doesn’t mean its a new thing, yoyos were in fashion a number of years ago doesnt make them new.


I would like you to tell me what exactly is wrong with my critique so that i can learn, I gave my positives of the photos and negatives the way i was taught.


I do see now the original image has some white vignette, i would never do a white vignette personally but hey at least she didnt go crazy with it like i have seen.  i missed it because for some reason i cant increase that pictures size like the other one, am i the only one having that issue??