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I agree with Brownie, ebi’s critique seems pretty accurate to me too.  Not perhaps the most gentle, but if the “almost finished” photography student turned up looking for a job and showing those photos, the reaction might be even stronger.  Being not a fan of the low-contrast-too-bright look, I prefer ebi’s edit.

A projector in a corn field is not bad.  Sheridan College in Oakville puts on a couple of outdoor movie nights for their residence students.   Toronto usually has a movie might in the park and this summer they put on a series of movie nights for sailors, you could tune your radio to the advertised station and get audio while floating around the harbour and watching a screen facing the water.

I took a few minutes to edit the projector photo and took it in a different direction.  Since the projector’s light goes in front of them, the light should probably be solid instead of broken, if it were mine I would take the time to do it again properly… Or, abandon it.


Does it work as a moonlight shot?