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Something to consider.  It just dawned on me that you are the same person that just recently asked “am I a Fauxtog” and felt forced to take down your website.  It could be possible that the “hate mail” you received over your recent inquiry , was actually due to you posting this tog’s image to be discussed here at YANAP.  Even though you stated that you felt it was a good photograph, and only wanted to have a discussion about props/candy corn, you still opened her images up for criticism, especially since you did not blur out her logo or try to protect her in any way.  Plus, look how you reacted and felt when your bio was discussed, and you were given good information on the business end of things as well as good solid advice and information and opinions on the photography end.  Possibly, this tog, or some friends of hers found out about this posting and lashed out at you, because they too do not understand critique or CC and how it works, and do not see it as a way to grow and improve just as you didnt.  instead took it as a personal dig to drag them down, and not as help,  like you did. Especially since the tog did not seek this criticism or opinions herself on her own behalf.  There are not many who participate regularly in this forum, but I’m pretty sure it’s read and followed by many more.  The people here who regularly participate, don’t seem the type to keep their opinions, harsh or not, private between tog to tog.