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I decided to investigate a little and look up the this poster’s page/online info, mostly because I don’t like getting lied to. I won’t post links here because that seems unfair, and kind of mean. Two wrongs don’t make a right and all that jazz.

Sure enough she has a FB page that just opened mid November, and she “specializes in senior, portrait, family and newborn photography”.
Her 6D just arrived on the 10th, and right now she’s offering mini sessions from $35 to $75 (no regular prices posted).

From her mini session post here at YANAP: “I work for a well known professional photographer in my town and he’s allowing me to use studio space. (These sessions are completely free but is also requesting donations for the domestic violence shelter in my town in exchange for photos. Again, I am not making a profit”.

No mention of donations or the “well known professional photographer that’s considered the best in town” on her business page. Just some cute package names and price lists and “book now” reminders.

No surprise, but not registered or licensed or any of that jazz either

In her defense, it looks as though she’s been at this longer than just mid November. She had another photography page in the past that’s no longer up, so it looks as though this could be her second attempt

Look Braixten,
I have no problem with you learning photography and being really excited about it. We all get that. I even don’t have too much of a problem with you being “in business”, but the dishonesty makes me really uncomfortable. Why not be completely honest with your audience/potential clients and friends and family. Why not be completely honest with people you seek help from? It will serve you better, and help any sort of future business you might hope to have. I much rather be told I’m a lousy photographer, or a horrible business person AKA fauxtographer, than be called a liar, delusional, full of … or any sort of negative personality flaw that could potentially make people distrust me. Be honest with yourself, and with others. It will get you so much further than faking it until you make it, or any sort of pretending or covering up will.

keep shooting, be humble and honest (maybe study the business side of things a little before jumping in any deeper. Insurance, taxes, pricing, cost of doing business etc) and you’ll do just fine. Take care, slow down there’s no race
Or ignore everything I said and embrace being a fauxtographer until something better comes along. No biggy.