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Seems you’ve got lots of nice environment/landscape sort of shots and then you get a nice cohesive flow; all of a sudden, some average shots of kids are thrown in. It’s cool if you shoot portraits, but there aren’t enough of them on your page to make it look like it’s something you focus on, so either nix them entirely or do it more often.


Personally, IMHO portraits are not your strong point. The worst thing that you can do (I won’t say NEVER, because that doesn’t apply in photography) but you ALMOST never shoot a kid from a top angle. That’s where we all see them from! Interest would be to get down on their level, interact, and shoot them there.


There is a way to make your photos look pretty much as sharp as they will on google or anywhere else (just not at full size like the other sites let you view). I never post any verticals on facebook (unless it’s a set of two verticals together, which is basically a horizontal) because it just isn’t as effective. Amanda Holloway Photography on facebook has this technique down. I’m still trying to experiment with how she does it. I’ve gotten very close, but it’s not quite there. check out some of her images for examples of actual facebook sharpness.