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OK, cameraclicker, I’m finally getting around to a response. Sorry for the delay. I’ll quote your post and respond to each piece.

“Briefly, most of them don’t do anything for me.  But, it may just be my present mood.  I will come back for another look later.  Facebook is not a very good place to view photos.  Flickr, 500px, Google, and a huge collection of social sites all display photos better than Facebook.”

Agreed. I find it easier to share them there though, as opposed to routing people to other places. Most of the people I want to show my pictures to are friends on Facebook. I’m still not terribly confident that my images are worthy of being much more than being shared with family and friends, not sold or marketed. I joined an local artist guild about six months ago and am getting about 10 of the best ones made up into note cards for an annual holiday gift show that they do, but that’s about the limit of any commercial venture at this point. So, very much agreed. I gripe about how Facebook displays images all of the time. I’m open to suggestions on how I could best share with others on Facebook and post the images somewhere else.

“Your bee seems over exposed and not sharp.  The merry-go-round fence seems not as sharp as it should be.  I don’t know what you want me to look at in the paddle-wheeler photo — what is the subject?”

The bee was a spur of the moment shot with the lens I had on the camera, a 55-200mm telephoto. I normally don’t take insect macros. It was the middle of a sunny day just before an appointment and I took a quick shot. I thought it had turned out better than it apparently did.

The merry-go-round fence is sharper in the original. This is probably a result of how Facebook processes images. I’ll take another look at it.

The paddle-wheeler photo is admittedly confusing. I thought that the boats underneath the main craft were interesting, but wanted to give it some context. The larger boat is on exhibit at a local museum and gets photographed a lot around here. I was trying to take it at a different angle. Any suggestions?

“In https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=453291814786171&set=a.453261814789171.1073741828.453138111468208&type=1&theater, I think I would crop starting a couple of weeds lft of the yellow truck.”

Thanks. As I told someone else, this wasn’t a planned shoot, just a picture of my son playing at a party, so the composition could have been better. I don’t tend to photograph other people than my kids. I thought the contrast of the yard added something, but I can crop it down.

“I like the light trails, but I don’t love them.  I’m not fond of the windmill.  I like sun through the forest but it is kind of bland and I have lots of shots like that.”

If you mean the light trails by the trees, I do tend to do them a lot. Initially, it was by accident. I like the location for other reasons, mostly because it offers a wide open view of the horizon for almost 360 degrees, but it’s right next to a busy two lane highway. I was doing a longer exposure and some vehicles passed by. I saw the results and thought, “cool”. I’m probably overusing that at this point, though.

The windmill is another local interest shot, which should probably be shown within a local context, not on Facebook. It was taken at an open house for the project of which that turbine is a part. It was a very sunny day, a location that’s usually inaccessible and I wanted to capture the movement of the blades.

The sun through the forest shot is admittedly not original. I had just never captured a shot like that very well, as I’m very new to this level of photography. I know it’s not terribly unique. Anything you’d suggest to make it more interesting?

“They’re not bad.  They just don’t make me say “Wow!””

Thanks. “Not bad” is actually a high compliment, given the caliber of photography I am up against. I will continue to work on “Wow!”.

I appreciate your input.