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A quick note about this one (http://www.flickr.com/photos/59904248@N07/9308634312/in/set-72157634675000849/) from your critique group on Flickr.  It has several problems but the one I wanted to comment on was her left sleeve.  It looks like it is just hanging there and except that I see a hand in her lap, I would think that arm was absent.  The way some fabrics hang or are coloured can affect the way they look in a photo.  Doing something different with her arms, hands on hips perhaps, might give a better result with that top.

Looking at your latest shoot, for me, the brightest part of the first photo, http://www.flickr.com/photos/59904248@N07/9308634312/in/set-72157634675000849/, is the left side of the log and her right foot/leg.   That drags my eye down there instead of being on her face.

Generally your white balance is not consistent, still.  I am trying to decide if her top is black as it appears in some shots or navy blue as it seems in others.  Either way, she would be a good candidate for mom to run a lint roller over her top before shooting.  There seems to be lots of debris on her top.  There also appears to be a lot of colour noise, which is a bit of a surprise since you are using lighting.

Looking at (http://crash1976.smugmug.com/Clients/Russell/i-fs9CN2x/O) in original size, which fills my smaller monitor with just her face, her eyelashes look good but there is no texture on her cheek or chin.  Did you smooth her skin?   I would remove pimples and eye bags but for someone her age, unless she had some obvious temporary feature, like a scratch, I would not be inclined to do any work on her skin.  It’s not necessary and seeing pores avoids the plastic look.  Looking at another, I see she naturally has really smooth skin!

In http://crash1976.smugmug.com/Clients/Russell/i-rqbr475/A, her left cheek is way too hot.  Full size, her eye fills my small monitor!  I can see the little hairs on her skin.  Backed off, her skin looks smoothed.

You still have a couple of B&W in there, white balance needs work, lighting needs work.  Little kids can really be a handful.  I like that gallery much better than the wedding gallery.