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Worst Case Scenario


Here you go.

I thought mine was still quite red until I opened it next to yours! ┬áThe lighting is not great and the hot spot on her cheek was a bitch to correct. The first shot is straight out of Lightroom. But I still prefer to do most of the work in Photoshop. The shadows on her face frame the hot spot nicely, making any retouch work stand out like a sore thumb, so I blended them in a bit. I’m still not happy with the result. It took about 20 mins all in.

But we were trying to see if your monitors are out, so if the skin now looks green or blue to you, you might like to twiddle some of the knobs on the monitor.

I would say her skin tone is still not perfect and with more work I’d try to get her face the same colour as her arms. They look a really nice skin tone. (on my system).