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Worst Case Scenario

I’d be happy to upload a RAW, just pick a file.

From your facebook page, this is one of the worst…..


But remember that colour is very subjective, if more than one person has a go at it, you’ll end up with several variations.

As for monitors – I’m apple based as well, and I have PC friends who struggle to get a decent monitor set up. I’m guessing that the standard apple colour calibrater is easier to use and gives a better result than most aftermarket PC software.

However I run two 24″ Acer monitors from my mac pro, and I colleagues with Ezio and Lacie monitors who can’t believe how good they are. In fact, apart from costing 4 times more. The only real difference in them is that the Ezio’s and the Lacies can be viewed from almost anywhere in the room. Whilst my Acers  change significantly if you are not sat directly in front of them. However, as I’ve never had the urge to do my editing whilst  on the toilet, so it’s never been a problem.