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it doesn’t matter that much if the monitor is lower resolution as long as the screen is smaller. 24″ works with 1920*1080 or better 1920*1200 for more vertical space but I think it is too low res for a 27″

As for the apple display, it isn’t bad and it looks amazing but it is like most of the apple stuff more expensive than the competition. The Dell monitor with normal colour gamut is basically the equivalent but about half the price using the same panel technique. The wide gamut version will be better than the apple display simply since it can show a lot more colours and still be cheaper than the apple. Problem with dell is that there are a lot of monitors going out from their factory that have problems with uneven light, colour problems etc but when you find a good one they are actually good monitors. Obviously not up to the pro spec nec or eizo but certainly enough for a fledgling photographer.