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Sharra, it’s been a while, I think it was Vista that the Spyder II didn’t like.  At the time, I spoke with the Spyder folks at a trade show and they suggested downloading drivers or upgrading to a Spyder III.  I tried downloading drivers and that was no help.  I dropped HP as a supplier due to their poor product support, so I dropped Spyder for the same reason, and changed to a Colormunki.  So far, I like the Colormunki better.

My understanding is there are only a few monitor manufacturers.  They make monitors and rebrand them to suit.  Samsung is one that actually makes monitors.  They offer a huge range of prices and quality.  I have several of different vintages and different shapes.  This one is a P2350 which is 1920 X 1080.  The one in my office has a little more resolution.  They are adequate for what I do.