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Well done for asking for help, I say you have a decent eye for photography but you DO need some help.

Your Facebook page : I’ll admit I didn’t read any posts, I just dived into the pictures.My first impression was that it was messy and looked more like some ones personal snaps than a business page. You must be in a very different market to me, if people pay you to take birthday parties and fireworks.  Your colour balance needs a lot more work and when you put pictures next to each other ( like in a FB album) you can really see the differences from one pic to another. Over all I’d say it does look more faux than pro.

Your website loaded up with a dark and grundgy look (which I love) but then your hyper colourful pics filled the screen. Your pics are anything but dark or grundgy so the layout really doesn’t suit.

The critique set . Glad to see you had made this as wadding through all the shots on FB was taking ages.

no. 1  is definatley your stand out best.

no .2 is okay but it looks massively red next to no.1

no.3 again okay but I’m not a fan of the processing.

no.4,5,6 are all from the same set a show nicely how wild your colours can be.

no.7,8,9 are basically the same shot so shouldn’t be seen together

no.10 looks like you ran out of pics so chucked it in to make up numbers.

Can you see that the kid with the spanner looks so much better than the others?

anyone know the correct spelling of grundgy?

I see CC has posted while I was typing so sorry if this has now been said.