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I looked specifically at your most recent shoot with the little girl. For me, this http://crash1976.smugmug.com/Clients/Russell/i-B2KCBgm/A     is my favourite shot. It’s simple but lovely. Great sharp focus on the eyes, a nice soft feel to it with the muted sepia tone, and a genuine smile.
My main 2 criticisms of the other images (aside from white vignetting) are the saturation/white balance, and composition.
The skin tones look very red in most of the images on my monitor, this is a combination of white balance, saturation and colour profiling. The reds and oranges can be brought down individually in lightroom, just be careful it’s not overdone or they will turn grey and look weird.
Some shots look poorly composed or cropped. Care should be taken not to cut off body parts and sections of someones body. It works in the shot I said was my favourite (not the only one it works in I might add) but on ones like this  http://crash1976.smugmug.com/Clients/Russell/i-qQTmqtN/A   and this    http://crash1976.smugmug.com/Clients/Russell/i-wHczb6M/A,  I find it just looks strange.

You are producing some good work, it’s not proper faux stuff, you just need to improve in some areas. Well done for taking the plunge  :o)