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ebi – that’s sounds like an over complicated way to make a vignette. here’s how I do it.

Open file – well derrrrrrr.

Draw an 88px feathered OVAL marquee from top to bottom

Hit the action button that you’ve already made which –

duplicates the layer, turns the marquee into a mask on the top layer and then selects the bottom layer.

All I do then is use the curves to darken the bottom layer, dragging in the middle means the lights stay bright and the blacks don’t turn to soot and you can see the effect happening, so you can do every shot differently if you want.

The beauty of using masks is that, if the vignette clips anything that you want to see clearly, you can just paint it back in.

Hit the other action that’s already made that, flattens the image and saves it.

Move on to the next one………


Duplicate the image, draw the 88px Oval marquee on the top layer, hit delete,change the layer mode to soft light, gaussian blur at about 50 also makes a nice effect on some images.