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You are not a fauxtog, but you are making some fauxtog mistakes. Your strong points are that you take mostly all very sharp photos, you have a creative eye, and from the critique gallery I like the poses and connections with the subjects. The wedding gallery however I think is all across the board. Several shots have crazy contrast and clarity increases making them look like the “plastic wrap” filter in Photoshop. I think starting over on editing them would do you best. Some it looks like were shot in direct sun and you attempted to save them with the edits. You have a few images within one shoot that are edited very differently from one another. Riley’s shoot- her outfit is really distracting. That was up to the parents, but if you don’t already, try to counsel them on outfit ideas before the shoot and tell them what patterns and styles to avoid. Some the flash looks too intense. I like the naturally-lit ones much more. You have a couple of really harsh dark vignettes and some white vignettes- both are bad. Subtle vignettes usually help bring attention to the subject, but you don’t usually want it to look like you added a vignette, unless it’s for a dramatic or specialized edit.

Your SmugMug site is alright, but I honestly hate the background. It really clashes with your image galleries. Maybe pick a plain background.