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does the WB make a difference in B&W?

Yes, it does.  Below is a sample.  Both are from the same raw file.  I took a bunch of photos a week ago when fooling around with my studio.  I put up a lot of black plastic to eat the light from the strobes so I could do some low key shots.  This is a random shot selected from those.  The one on the left had white balance set to flash which should be correct.  The one on the right is the same raw file, with the white balance sliders moved to 3300 and +48.  Correct is 5500 and 0.  In ACR, I selected the default conversion to B&W for each setting.  As you can see, the result is not the same.  It should be possible to move the conversion sliders to bring them both to the same point.


The one with the wrong white balance is generally much brighter.  The T shirt is tan, the backdrop is a white drop cloth and the rectangle is white foam core that is blocking a strobe from hitting the backdrop.

What I was saying, however, was that white balance and lighting still need additional understanding/care/control, and also there are a couple of B&W photos in that gallery.