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thanks for the additional feedback!

I’ll have to start trying higher ISO, but I don’t like to push the 50D much past 800 or it gets really noisy.  Working towards an upgrade, but just not there yet.

Ready to burst was actually taken before I really had depth of field figured out.  I still consider it one of my fav shots and kind of dig the lack of dof – but have also tried to replicate it every year since with more dof, just to see the difference.  Haven’t gotten it timed right yet!  (maybe this year!)

Once again I didn’t even notice the decay on that orchid.  You are definitely opening my eyes to the smaller details, thank you!

On the cat pic – that is almost sooc.. the weeds were purple, the sunset was super orange, will have to try darkening up those logs.  and maybe a bit of a crop too.

Once again, thank you so much!