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I like them, to varying degrees.  My favourite two are the snow and icy trees, and the motorcycle.

I like the thumbnail (if you can call it that) of the petrified forest and experienced “lunch bag letdown” when I opened it.  It could be the details are too sharp mostly across the bottom and on the lower right hill.  It is a spectacular view with a great sky.

The butterfly photo could stand a little more depth of field.  This is the sort that is hard to call at the time and you probably only have a minute or two to get it right, before your subject leaves.  This might have worked better at ISO 800 and f/22, or even ISO 1600, f/22 and 1/60th.  It would also be good if you could have moved a little to your right to get the whole eye.

The canyon photo has nice mist, nice sky, good exposure.  I like the little clump of grass.  It’s been done before, but it’s a good photo, and it’s yours.  Probably my third favourite of the ten.

The Rocky Mountain photo shows a lot of trees in distress!  I think it needs a focal point.  The tree line forms an arrow pointing down but there is nothing at the tip.  The peak at right seems to have a halo.  It is one of those photos that would get 2 seconds if I were not trying to figure out what to say about it.

Ready to Burst looks like you intended the shallow DOF.  I wonder how it would look with f/8 or even f/22 or more.  You can stop that lens down all the way to f/32 if you have enough light.  That drives the stock sites crazy, but for a photo like this it might improve it.

Beautiful morning is all about the light.  I think you did a good job with it.

The orchids could stand more DOF, and the lower one has some decay on the upper edge.  Clone stamp or healing brush time.  Orchids are amazing to photograph.  I have a photo I took years ago that reminds me of the Star Wars fighter Luke Skywalker flew.  Perhaps I have too active an imagination.

The cat has potential.  The colour looks off.  Is the grass behind it supposed to be purple?  The rocks are a distraction.  I think darker rocks would help the photo.